The connection of humans with nature increases his mental and physical well being. It is a proved fact that more the involvement of nature, more the well being of humans. Today, humans destroy nature for their selfish needs without thinking about the future generations and the adversities which humans going to face due to the non conservation of natural resources. On the contrary, there is a practice of growing indoor plants in the home which have been evolved before some years. There are two main reasons why people go for it. It includes interior decoration and focus on health benefits. The main benefits of indoor plants are briefly explained below:

The aesthetic approach to the planting of plants inside the house attracts more people. But it is important to select the plants which have to be planted. Because there are plants which produce harmful gases and this could be detrimental to the health of people within. The beauty of the greenery can give the family members a feel good attitude which rejects the attraction of negative vibes. The stress free, calm atmosphere attained by the plants increases the demand of indoor plants. The occupants of the building have to select the area where the plants have to be grown because there is a possibility for access to reptiles. It should be in a safe place beyond the reach of reptiles like snakes etc.

Some plants produce more oxygen in the night which is a lifesaving idea for the people who suffer from breathing ailments like asthma patients. On the other hand, some plants consume more oxygen in the night. Thus, the selection should be properly done only after proper research. It is always recommended to buy plants with the help of a person who have expertise in the same. The plants must be suitable for the temperature conditions of the room.

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