Communication is an essential factor which can make great difference in the profitability of a business establishment. There must be effective communication between manufacturer and consumer which is possible through middlemen, salesperson or methods like advertising, publicity etc… However, the information given to the customer about the quality, availability and competitiveness of the product can only create the interest to buy the particular product. The marketing manager of the company is the one who manages all kind of communication to and from the establishment. The conditions of market, competitive situations and the prospective consumers are the things which are considered for effective communication.

The manner of the customer which is desired by the marketers is molded by effective communication methods. The present business world focuses on the product and services rather than the printed material collateral used in the traditional marketing communication. Newest technique in the field is the integrated marketing communication which focuses on the development of an optimal combination of communication. This is aimed at the maximization of effects and minimization of losses. The different tools used for the marketing communication are briefly explained below:

  1. Advertising: different media’s like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and internet are used for communication purposes. The presentation in a non personal nature used for the promotion of ideas and features of products and services can be termed as advertising. The consumers are persuaded through the advertisements to buy a product because all information is passed.
  2. Personal selling: the face to face communication in which one person explains the other about all the features in order to prompt him or her to buy a product. Probably, it happens between sales representative and customer, sales assistant and customer.
  3. Sales promotion: the methods like free coupons, discounts and public promotional activities in which the attention of the customer is grabbed first and later interest to buy a product is generated.

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