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First Time Tips For Travellers Enjoying a Family African Safari Experience


First time travellers who partake in the best family African safari experience will return home with memories to last a lifetime.

These programs are provided throughout a range of African nations, offering adventures for participants in South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Rwanda and beyond.

Those returning customers will understand what constitutes best practice, following the rules advised by rangers and service representatives who inform individuals about their roles and responsibilities.

To help fast track this educational process for newcomers to the safari world, we will discuss some of the top pieces of advice that is passed onto travellers who are embarking on their first African adventure.


Always Listen To The Rangers

Whether it is a late night expedition, a game drive or an early morning scour through the native landscape, it will be the ranger who will be the guiding figure across all activities. Clients who sign up to a family African safari experience might have done their reading and research, but they will have the real world grounding to know about noise levels, smells, body language, behaviours and other processes that are considered best practice. Their first duty is to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is not jeopardised, but it will also extend to education and informing participants about animal behaviours.


Early Morning Starts Are Necessary

The saying often goes that the early bird catches the worm. When it comes to exotic animal sightings during a family African safari experience, this principle could not be more accurate. From elephants and lions to cheetahs, rhinoceroses, buffalos, leopards, hyenas and hippopotamuses, these species will often be found on the move around 5.30-6am just as the sun is beginning to rise. These sightings can be rare during the late morning, so it is worthwhile knowing that an early night’s sleep will often be the best recipe leading into breakfast.


Accommodation Varies

From small secluded dwellings to large communal spaces, the accommodation will vary from one family African safari experience to another. Certain providers will really delve into the luxury experience to offer a 4 or 5 star hotel extravaganza for high-end travellers, including many of the features that can be enjoyed at beachside resorts. Others will look to provide a setting where travellers can truly get in touch with nature, utilising mobile camp sites, small lodges or tents to get the most out of the great outdoors.


Dress For Comfort & Practicality

The great news for global travellers who embark on their own family African safari experience is that there is no official dress code. Given the natural conditions that participants are exposed to, from the chilly nights to the searing heat of the summer, it is an open policy that adventure seekers wear what they deem is suitable. With that being said, there will be individuals who will look to wear certain items because of their own fashion sense, but it provides a challenge in the great outdoors. Protection from the sun and insects is a major consideration as well as dressing for the climate conditions, so it is important to think practically.


There Are No Sighting Guarantees

While the rangers will engage best practice and take participants to the right locations at the right times, it is important to note that no official guarantees can be issued. These exotic animals can be influenced with their movement patterns from a range of internal or external issues, shifting their behaviour due to the existence of predators or a change in the weather. Part of the joy of singing up to family African safari experience is the great unknown – being able to take in a unique moment that not every safari member will have been privy to.


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