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How Shopping Affect the Mental Health of a Person?

The anecdotal evidences show that shopping can make people happy. The wrong decisions taken during shopping can make them sad also. The reduction of sadness of a person is noticeable after shopping. The Michigan university studies show this fact which is a very interesting fact. The forces of the situation which makes a man stressed or sad can be controlled by shopping. It is because shopping activities get more control over the brain of a person than the situational forces for sadness.

However, the word sadness cannot be given a universal meaning since it is dependent on each individual’s situation. For some people it can be failures, for some it can be lack of control and many more situations. The consumption of products and services can affect the mindset of a person in such a way that the entire mood is changed. The preference to the emotions is compartmentalized in such a way that selection of products and services are preferred first. The shopper who is sad due to some particular reasons tends to forget about it due to this prioritization. The shopping activities require the complete involvement of both physical and mental attributes which fuel the deviation of feelings.

On the contrary, some psychological studies argue that shopping by a person who is having a mental dilemma or stress gets more confused while shopping. Thus shopping is considered as a stress increasing activity by the supporters of those theories. The issues related to selection of a product, decision making process in shopping can only make a person weaker. Thus, a wrong decision can affect the mental stability of a person adversely. It is also to be noted that a person who is stressed because of any kind of financial crisis cannot choose shopping as a solution of stress. It is also not applicable to many other similar situations.

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