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How to Control the Sales Force Efficiently?

The personal setting strategies are the force behind effective sales force in an establishment. The styles of selling and the size of sales force are two important factors in the management of sales force. How to control the sales force to bring the maximum benefits depends on the unique business conditions of each firm. However, some of the effective methods for the controlling of sales force include sales budget, sales quotas, sales territories, sales control and analysis of cost. Two of these factors are briefly described below:

  • Sales budget

The estimation of expenditure of sales in an establishment during a particular period of time can be termed as sales budget. Profitable sales are made using the blueprint called sales budget. The volume of sales, expenses and the net profit are the determining factors of sales budget. All the marketing activities within should be properly managed and coordinated for the formulation of sales budget. The top sales executives are probably responsible for the preparation of same. The three major objectives of budget are planning, coordinating and mechanism of control.

  • Sales quotas

Based on the nature of product or service the sales quotas can be different from firm to firm. However, the most common sales quotas include sales volume quotas, sales financial quotas, sales activities and combination. The first one is the oldest type of quota in which the quotas set for geographical areas, product lines or marketing channels. The combination of these is also made in sales volume quotas. The second one is about making the salesperson aware of the fact that he is not supposed to mere increasing of sales but also to generate maximum profits. Non-selling activities are assigned to the salesperson in the third one. When two or more above mentioned quotas are combined it is combination quotas. It includes both selling and non selling activities.

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