The twentieth century is unfamiliar with the buildings made of natural materials. Even though the commercial and modern building materials have been developed, the attraction to those kinds of buildings still exists. The artisans who have the skill of building houses with natural materials like mud do not exist in numerous ranges. Only fewer with knowledge transferred from their fathers and grandfathers share it by building it. Among that mud houses are the most asked for especially for the purpose of tourist attraction. The important advantages of mud houses are briefly explained below.

The methods of building such earthen buildings include rammed earth, cob, mud or adobe and Ferro cement. The construction of mud houses are focused on the art side more than science. The right mixture of soil and other components can only give the perfect results which need experimentation exactly similar to the preparation of a cake. The climatic adaptations of the earthen dwellings are also important. They are cool in summers and warm in winters. Since they are very strong there is high resistance to natural calamities like earthquakes. The absence of chemicals makes it safe and healthier to live inside. No allergies or health problems are caused in any case.

The availability of raw material is very high when compare with the other types of houses. The handiness and independence of the mud is also an attractive feature. The labor required for the construction of mud houses need not be skilled. It is very significant that the occupants of the house can also build mud houses according to their necessity and design. The cutting and drilling of walls area are also easier tasks which demand less involvement of electronic devices. It is also to be noted that the no energy requirements other than the sun for the purpose of drying is needed for the construction of mud houses.

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