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What People Can Purchase As An Alternative When They Don’t Want To Use Bongs


There are all sorts of different types of objects out there that are designed to help people inhale tobacco. For most, they will purchase cigarettes, however, these are very expensive and can leave people’s hands turning yellow or even smelling. For others, they may like to enjoy a pipe as this is something that their grandfather did on the odd occasion and they find this to be something that also relaxes them.

For others, they may find it inexpensive to use bongs, however, this can also be quite harsh and so they will be looking for some kind of alternative. Some may even be looking for ways to still keep their mouth busy while they are trying to give up nicotine. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of other options out there that are simply not talked about because this is somewhat of a taboo subject. While this may be the case, it is important that people have somewhere to go when they are needing information and so here is what people can purchase as an alternative when they don’t want to use bongs.


People are able to use a vape pen when they are not wanting to use bongs

When people are wanting to try something a bit different, they are able to experiment with a vape pen. While this is, again, a controversial topic, many find that this is a great alternative to cigarettes or bongs because they are breathing in fewer chemicals. For instance, it is not legal to purchase vape liquids with nicotine in them in Australia and so this can be a great way for people to finally remove nicotine from their life.

For many, simply having something to put in their mouth can make a world of difference and is also a much more affordable alternative to purchasing cigarettes. It is also better for the environment as butts do not need to be disposed of as well as ash. As this this is something that is much more cleaner, easier to carry around, and contains less chemicals, this is a great alternative for people who are looking to try something a little bit different instead of using other methods such as bongs.


People are usually prescribed a spray by their medical practitioner rather than using bongs


What some people may not may not be aware of that some people out there will use bongs to inject medical marijuana. While this is not something that is usually recommended by medical professionals, some people find that this is the best way to help with their condition whether that be a mental health issue or a physical one. But for those who are not comfortable with doing this, they may be wanting to know if there is another way to use their prescription instead of smoking.

The good news for these people is that they will likely be prescribed some kind of spray to use so that they can absorb their prescription into their blood stream that way. The good things about this is that people are able to easily monitor their dose this way which they would not be able to do if they were to smoke it. Others may be told to use a balm or salve on their problem areas such as where their arthritis is playing up the most. In conclusion, there are all sorts of methods out there that are able to replace bongs that more people should be having an open discussion about long term.

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